David Hernandez: David Hernandez worked here on "Thirst", a short story, recounted in movement. Stanislav Dobak, Colas Lucot and Phillipe Cap performed here at "Open House" in May. The audience could follow the evolution of two characters who are driven by unintended desire. The throat singer functions as narrator and bears witness to the story in a series of episodes.
11 May 14:51
Hey Folks! So this is step 1 in connecting this blog at DCJ to our other networks. For the last year and half or so I have begun creating my own projects again after about 6 years of collaborations with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Rosas as well as other collaborations and commissions. For now all the projects fall under the name of dh+ (David Hernandez and collaborators) We have a page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Hernandezcollaborators and are working on a new dh+ website that will open soon. Please join these pages to follow what we are up to and see many videos and photos as well as news of our events, workshops, performances and lives. I hope to create a network of websites with other organization and artists we are in contact with. I hope to be able to create an online presence for publicizing the work but more importantly creating exchange between like minded people as well as a forum for dialogue and even debate between anyone willing to participate. I will be periodically posting a blog as well concerning our work but also any other issues or work we come in contact with. I am really excited to get the ball rolling and make something happen. Spread the word! Thanks David Hernandez