Bára Sigfúsdóttir: Bara Sigfusdottir applied for a residency to work on a new solo. She got inspired by childhood memories of Icelandic women born before 1930. Bara created two solos at PARTS, but now she wanted to create a world where ideas and feelings of lost times create a dreamy world that can refelect upon our lives today. She interviewed several women in Iceland to get an idea of the cultural heritage. Bara participated at "Open House" in May where she showed her work in progress in our studio. In "On the other side of a sand dune" the scene transforms in a dream world where feelings as desire and nostalgia wander about. Bara transforms from a little girl into an old woman, an elf, a fish, anything that our imagination allows us to see. In this theatrical solo, where dance, music, light and voice entangle, arises a reflection on our contemporary lifestyle that we experience through the glimpse of the past.