Spider Group : Spider is an initiative of Matej Kejzar, Leja Jurisi?, Julien Monty, Michael Pomero, Sasa Bozi?, Petra Hrascanec, Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld and Ana Mrak. Spider connects people from various disciplines in an on-going field of artistic reflection beyond borders. After several gatherings and workshops in Athens, Ljubljana and Lyon the past two years, the Spider group made a creation out of the various materials during their residency in Danscentrumjette. "At once" is a creation of choreographers, dramaturges, visual artists, authors and musicians, challenging the different aspects of performance. It dissects, assembles, isolates and composes elements as the body, presence, sound, text, light and visual environment. All at once, all in the same space. Spider questions what is dance today, how to restore the research process of the author and how to create as a collective. The music installation is made by Pierre Tallaron & Fabrik, the interviews by Andreja Kopa and the visuals by Petra Veber. Technical Director is Borut Cajnko. The Spider project has been funded with support from the European Commission and is produced by Pekinpah / Kinkkong (SI), Collectif loge 22 (FR), de facto (HR), Kinitiras Dance Spectacle (GR) Co-production: Danscentrumjette (B), Red Orange Productions (B), Maribor 2012 - European city of Culture (SI), Studio - Contemporary dance company (HR) In collaboration with: Festivalna dvorana Maribor (SI), EN-KNAP/Spanski borci (SI), Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb (HR), Les Subsistances (FR) With support of: EACEA Cultural Grant - European Commission, Ministry of Culture - Slovenia (SI), City of Ljubljana (SI), City of Lyon (Fr), FIACRE - La Region Rhone-Alpes (Fr), Republic of Croatia Ministry of culture (HR), City of Zagreb - City Office for Education, Culture and Sports (HR).