Giulia Mureddu : Giulia Mureddu starts in her choreography of "Always Known Never Met" from the dialogue between an unborn child and the mother, based on the novel "Letter to a child never born". Live music, video projections and the body are the means that make this dialogue possible. The book is the context for the different roles between the players and for the dramaturgical line. Her own experience as a mother gives her the courage to take this fragile subject by the hand. By using strong images and by reducing the physical language to its essence, Giulia wants to let the spectator dive into what’s happening on stage. Dance wells up - together with sound and image - in the presence of performers Katerina Dietzova and David Eeeles. Giulia sees choreography as directing intentions of performers, of the focus of spectators, of the essence of elements that form a scene, and of the journey that the different scenes express.