David Hernandez: David Hernandez is partner of Danscentrumjette. He's currently working on a new creation "Thirst". The idea for this project was born out of a research with Renate Graziadei, Stanislav Dobak and Colas Lucot during spring/summer 2010 in Berlin and Brussels. The group will continue their research and be joined by Michel Debrulle for the soundscape and Haider Al Tamimi for dramaturgical collaboration in Danscentrumjette and will perform in December. The concept behind the working title "Thirst" is to create a universe of movement which describes involuntary need through a desolate choreographic landscape. The landscape is sparse but the language full-bodied and almost desperate in it's search. Thirst explores basic instinctive human need - how does a body move when it wants or needs something? The choreographic language moves from an inside invisible force. The development of this piece follows a behavioral evolution of the characters contained in this landscape; this situation. The soundscape, which takes the role of a auditory scenography, is made in collaboration with Michel Debrulle. We weave a story of three characters driven by their involuntary desire, told in a language of movement against a landscape of emptiness and lack.