Allen's Line: is a new company with Brussels based dancers Ana Iommi, Theodossia Stathi, Boris Cossio, Agostina d'Alessandro, Yoann Boyer, Barbara Pereyra and Hanne Cretskens, directed by Julyen Hamilton. Hamilton gives workshops and (solo) performances at DCJ since 2004, so it seemed an evidence to give support to his new company. They were in residency for two short periods, when at the same time they performed The arrival (November) and The voyage (June) on three evenings.

The central theme in both pieces is the work with dance, space, text and voice. Orchestrating all and each of these elements and doing it all on the fly as an instant composition for the public. “In my experience from a line of solos exploring and exposing these issues, all these elements live naturally together. The spoken voice is made through a moving body; a line of speech inherently carries its melody; a phrase of dance automatically exists threaded with a musical phrasing and temporal rhythms. My interest in placing these streams together is to touch the expressive powers which they unleash through parallel support and lateral associations. We both ‘cut up’ and ‘multi-layer’ the material, instantly editing as we go, letting the result be immediately readable for the public.”

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