les SlovaKs: are DCJ-residents since the founding of their collective in 2006. The collaboration between DCJ and Martin Kilvady, Peter Jasko , Anton Lachky, Milan Herich, Milan Tomášik and Simon Thierrée is evolving continuously. In that way, DCJ considers Les SlovaKs as one of their partners.
“Les SlovaKs form a dance collective, starting from the point at which they want to finish: with vivacious and unbound dancing, not excluding any aesthetic or movement possibilities. They want to create a dance language that encompasses expression, emotion, physical virtuosity, personal history and cultural reference. Free of any kind of categorization, they embrace style, connotation, drama, and imagination with flexibility and playfulness. Working here on their second creation Journey Home they focus more specific on Slovakian folk culture and the relationship between music and dance. “We use the Slovak traditional dance as a source of inspiration. Not to recreate or reconstruct, but to find and apply what is valuable and enriching for us and offer that generously to the spectators.” Also the relation between the supporting act and the main act plays an important part.”

More info: www.lesslovaks.com