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The mission statement of Danscentrumjette is to stimulate, support and diffuse research, creation and training in the field of contemporary dance and all related art forms.

DCJ was established in 1997 and has its own space since 2000, situated in the commune of Molenbeek.

Artistic staff: Roxane Huilmand and Wolfgang Kolb
Webmaster: Samuel Kolb

Danscentrumjette organizes on regular basis:
* daily training program
* residencies
* monthly platforms
* events and festivals in cooperation with different partners on international and national level.

Danscentrumjette, as a center of contemporary dance, develops and supports artistic partnerships between different individuals or groups for different projects.

Danscentrumjette works as an umbrella “association”, hosting different organisations: MoVart, RedOrangproductions and DCJ Group.