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Martin Kilvady

Martin Kilvady was born in 1974. After school he enrolled in a program for teacher education in contemporary dance School of Music and Dramatic Arts (Comenius University/Bratislava), where he received his MA. Choreographers and teachers who most influenced him as a dancer are Jan Durovcik, Mira Kovarova and Libor Vaculik. In 1997 he became a member of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker's Rosas dance company in Brussels. He danced in "Would", in the reprise of "Mikrocosmos" and “Achterland”, and contributed to the creation of "Just Before”, "Drumming", "I Said", and "In Real Time".
Between 2001 and 2004 he collaborated with choreographer Roberto Olivan in the creation of "Natural Strange Days" and "De Farra". Since 2003 he has been a member of Thomas Hauert's company Zoo, performing in "Five", "Modify", “More Less Said Songs“, “Walking Oscar”, “Puzzled” and "Accords".
Martin is a member and co-founder of Les Slovaks Dance Collective.
Martin started to teach in 1991 and since 2001 has done training programs for Rosas, Ultima Vez, and Charleroi Danse, workshops at P.A.R.T.S and CDC Toulouse and teaching open classes at Impulstanz Festival Wien.