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Tijen Lawton


Tijen Lawton is a professional dancer, performer and teacher based in Belgium. Born in 1972 to a Turkish mother and British father, she was educated and brought up in numer-ous countries, constantly shifting between cultures and environments.
She began her dance studies while living in İstanbul, later continuing at The Arts Edu-cational School London, The Place London and The Juilliard School New York.
She has danced with Pierre Droulers,1996 & 1998, in the course of which she started creating her own solo works. Tijen also danced in Ma Mère I’Oye a film by Thierry De Mey 1998.
In 1998 Tijen began her full time intensive collaboration with Needcompany. Over a pe-riod of fifteen years, she was a constant presence in all of Needcompany’s work, per-forming , creating and touring worldwide with Jan Lauwers and Grace Ellen Barkey in 15 productions and over 13 Neeplapbs, and the film Goldfish Game directed by Jan Lau-wers.
Since 2010 she has danced and toured with Caterina & Carlotta Sagna, performed and collaborated with Mauro Paccagnella & Wooshing Machine, Harold Henning, Erika Zue-neli, Inaki Azpillaga & Rodrigo Fuentealba and Manngold, Karlien De Savoye & Quan Bui Ngoc.
Tijen is an active teacher and couch, teaching mainly in Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Ant-werp, Gent, Rome and İstanbul.
She coaches and assists other artists as well as creating group pieces with students, in Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University MSGSA, in Budapest at Budapest Contempo-rary Dance Academy BCDA.
She has delivered workshops in collaboration with Arne Sierens and Compagnie Cecilia as well as teaching professional company classes to Thierry Smits Compagnie Thor in Brussels and Beyhan Murphy MDT Modern Dance Theatre in Istanbul.
She is a regular guest teacher at Artesis AP University College / Koninklijk Conservatori-um in Antwerp, ISAC Académie Royal Des Beaux-Arts De Bruxelles and BCDA Buda-pest Contemporary Dance Academy in Budapest.
She is also training the dances of Platform-K in Gent as part of a series of Inclusive Dance.
Since 2017 Tijen started working with Greet Vissers & KunstZ on the creation Bruiloft as coach and choreographer and choreographing for the dancers of Natacsha Pire Impuls Company in Geel.
Currently touring with Mother Song directed by Mokhallad Rasem, a co-production with het Tonnelhuis Antwerpen, Landestheaters St Pölte, Austria & Vereingten Bühnen Bol-zano
Tijen will be dancing and performing in Troyennes 2017-2019 choreographed by Clau-dio Bernardo.
Will be performing in the next creation of Mauro Paccagnella & Whooshing Machine
Tijen will also be creating and dancing a new duet performance, “No Solo” in collabora-tion with Karlien De Savoye.
Tijen continues creating and performing her own solo work. Constantly investigating and challenging her own body as an archive…Through the continuous, ongoing questioning of the body as a communicative vessel and by questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the purity and complexity of the body and the ‘life’ it lives…

Motivation as an artist and sharer of experience and ongoing investigative knowledge…
My never ending hunger as a professional dancer & performer to constantly learn and share with others is my motivation. The desire that carries my body and the need of ongo-ing challenge, confrontation and the search for intelligent thinking to nourish every layer of my emotional and physical body is my motivation.
I still have a great hunger to create and perform. I have the privilege to teach and share my experience to dancers/performers of all ages and with all levels of experience, back-ground and cultures. This is something that motivates me immensely and nourishes me to be creative and to continue searching and and receiving, but above all to continue learning from others and new challenges and I believe this comes in work-ing with diversity on all levels.
My aim of endeavour is to keep moving, sharing and challenging myself, defining and redefining movement to find the beauty, liberation, despite the dangers and the fear… the exposing of bare energy is my motivation and questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the purity and complexity of the body and the life it lives.
Tijen Lawton


I teach a contemporary class which is highly dynamic. I focus on connectivity and aware-ness…a mindful training of the brain and body.
Generating, dynamic, abandon and control by deviating fluidity and strength. Bringing awareness to the body, awareness of the body as an articulating vessel that enables the dancer to make more choices with what they have and empowering the dancer to be able to use more of themselves, to challenge the physical intelligence, strength and movement capacity.

Using detailed and subtle yet energetic and challenging movement phrases, both floor work and standing : I like to work on understanding the body as a whole and creating support and strength, through a form of body consciousness, understanding how to or-ganise the body between support, weight, surface force, dynamic and release.

Understanding that your body working on the floor and your body standing and moving in space are the same, organising your body as a surface, as a core and in it’s extremities.
This means researching how to instil surface force into your physical memory through floor work and then, how to utilise this instilled surface force to standing work.

I like to work on creating space. When I talk about space I’m initiating the understanding of the space created within the body, and the complex space within muscle and around the joints to create freedom of movement and choice. Therefor, to eventually create a space to project you body into elaborating with further elements such as; timing, focus and gravity.
Through the continuous, ongoing questioning of the body as a communicative vessel and by questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the purity and complexity of the body and the ‘life’ it lives.
Moving on to elaborate : I sometimes like to work with improvisation to search for aware-ness and connectivity, to develop new qualities to enrich the dancers vocabulary and to develop personal presence, questioning how to be affective and unpredictable with movement, by bringing a lot of awareness to the body, awareness of the body as an artic-ulating vessel that enables the dancer/performer to make more choices with what they have.
The goal is to understand your body further than your common ways and search deeper in order to create what is unexpected, to challenge your physical intelligence, strength and movement capacity through persistence and patience, searching for the precision, intention and intensity of movement through a form of body consciousness, breaking lim-its in order to be innovative, impulsive and instinctive through the continuous, ongoing questioning of the body as a communicative vessel and by questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the purity and complexity of the body and the ‘life’ it lives... per-sistence and patience is prepared to move…the possibilities are endless…

Origin : Turkish / English 1972
Education : The Arts Educational School London 1984 - 1988
: London Contemporary Dance School 1988 - 1989 & 1990 - 1991 : The Juilliard School New York 1989 - 1990
Languages : English / Turkish / French / Dutch
Emma Carlson - Inner Corner 1992
Les Beaux Jours - Pierre Droulers 1996
Petites Formes / Je n’ai Jamais Parlé - Pierre Droulers / Tijen Lawton 1997
Du L’Air et Du Vent - Pierre Droulers - 1997
Plus Forts Que Leurs Voix Aigues - Tijen Lawton 1998
Multum In Parvo - Pierre Droulers 1998
Inga von Wantoch Rekowski & Claudio Bernado - Le jardin des grave et aigus 1997
NEEDCOMPANY 1998 > 2010
Caligula - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 1998
Morning Song - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 1999
NEEDLAPB 1 - Beurschouwburg, Brussels 1999
The Miraculous Maderine - Grace Ellen Barkey 1999
Needcompany’s King Lear - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 2000
Few Things - Grace Ellen Barkey Needcompany 2000
The Tempest - Jan Lauwers & Deutsches Schauspielhaus 2001
NEEDLAPB 2 - Brigittines, Brussels 2001
Images of Affection - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 2002
Goldfish Game (film) - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 2002
NEEDLAPB 3 - STUK, Leuven 2002
AND - Grace Ellen Barkey Needcompany 2002
NO COMMENT - Jan Lauwers / Tijen Lawton Needcompany 2003
NEEDLAPB 5 Vorruit, Gent - 2004
NEEDLAPB 6 - Theatre de la Bastille, Paris 2004
NEEDLAPB 7 - Theatre Garonne, Toulouse 2004
NEEDLAPB 8 - Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg 2004
Isabella’s Room - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 2004
NEEDLAPB 9 - Torino Danza, Torino 2005
Chunking - Grace Ellen Barkey Needcompany 2005
NEEDLAPB 10 - Festival D’Avignon, Avignon 2005
NEEDLAPB 11 - Kaaitheaterstudios, Brussel 2005
NEEDLAPB 12 - La Filature, Mulhouse 2006
NEEDLAPB 13 - Theatre de la Ville, Paris 2006
The Lobster Shop - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 2006
JUST FOR... Just for Toulouse, Théâtre Garonne - Jan Lauwers & Needcompany 2006 The Porcelain Project - Grace Ellen Barkey Needcompany 2007
Deconstruction 1 - Jan Lauwers & Needcompany 2007
JUST FOR... Just for Brussels PSK - Jan Lauwers & Needcompany 2007
NEEDLAPB 14 - Kaaitheaterstudios, Brussels 2008
The Deer House - Jan Lauwers Needcompany 2008
SAD FACE/ HAPPY FACE a trilogy - Jan Lauwers & Needcompany 2008
Nuda Vita - Compagnie Caterina & Carlotta Sagna 2010
Cuisse de Grenouille - Compagnie Caterina & Carlotta Sagna 2012 > 2015
Sweet Salt - Tijen Lawton & Janni Van Goor 2010
L’oeil nu (The Naked Eye) “Stay on the Scene” - Harold Henning & LapsProduction 2013 > 2014 Bullet Proof / Hûzûn - Tijen Lawton 2012 > PRESENT
Harsh Songs - Mauro Paccagnella & Woosh’ing Machine 2014 > PRESENT
PERSONA (and) the making of ... 2014
PERSONA/ BULALAZSINIZ Kİ ARTIK BENİ 2015 - Tijen Lawton & MSGSU Çadaş Dans ASD projesi, Fransız Kültür Merkezi İşbirliğiyle / MSGSU Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Mo- dern Dance Department with the support or the French Istitute İstanbul. İSTANBUL 2014/ 2015 VAI E PASSA - Tant’amiti / Cie. Erika Zueneli 2015 / 2016 PRESENT
EXIT/ Rabbit Hole : If You Want To Leave Don’t Breath - Tijen Lawton 2016 (ongoing) CREATIVE PLAYGROUND 2017 Théâtre De Liège - Selim Aydoğdu & Jean-François Foliez DENDERDINGEN - Quan Bui Ngoc & Karlien De Savoye 2017
BRUILOFT - Greet Vissers KunstZ 2017/2018 Choreography Tijen Lawton
IMPULS COMPANY CREATION - 2017/2018 Choreography Tijen Lawton
CREATION Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy - 2017/18 Choreography Tijen Lawton URBAN MIRRORS - NTGent 2018
MOTHER SONG - Mokhallad Rasem / Toneelhuis Antwerpen - 2018
PROJET THEATRODANZA DI FRONTIERA - Associazone Culturale D.M.A Rome - 2018 TROYENNES 2017-2019 choreographed by Claudio Bernado.
FILMS : GOLDFISH GAME - Jan Lauwers & Needcompany 2002 > PRESENT
: Ma Mère I’Oye - Thierry De Mey 1998
TEACHES ONGOING Classes/ Workshops & Masterclasses AT :
La Raffinerie Brussels
La Menagerie de Verre Paris
La Caldera - Barcelona
MSGSU Dance Department Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University İstanbul
Beyhan Murphy MDT Modern Dance Theatre İstanbul
Artesis AP University College / Koninklijk Conservatorium - AP Hogeschool Antwerp RSG’t RIJKS Bergen op Zoom
Garage Twenty-Nine - Brussels
Antwerp Daily Training - CarWash Theatre & Ell Spatio Antwerp
Staircase.Studio - Brussels
Dans Centrum Jette - Brussels
JetSummer - 2017/2018
TALK - Gent
Oiterpe Kompanie - Drongen
de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans - Antwerpen
Danspunt - Kortrijk
Elevation DanceCademy & Grote Post Oostende (50+)
Ballet School An Van Den Broeck Gent (8 to 18 years)
Uarts Philadelphia in Brussels & Europe in collaboration with Douglas Becker
ISAC Académie Royal Des Beaux-Arts De Bruxelles
Impuls Company / Natascha Pire Dance Company - Geel Belgium
Platform-K Gent
Il Sole e La Luna - Rome /Italy
BCDA Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy - Budapest
KunstZ Academy Antwerpen