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Leif Firnhaber

Born in Paraguay (º1987 Asuncion), grew up between Chile, Germany and Spain, where he started dancing on the streets of the Canary Islands. Based in Brussels since 2008. Currently he is active as a performer, dancer, teacher, choreographer and photographer, developing his personal research through movement, image and words.

He has worked and collaborated in various ways with many companies, institutions and artists. The main professional references as a dancer /interpret are with Eastman (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) in “Puzzle” & “Babel”, Damien Jalet (“Meduses” Louvre Museum Paris], David Zambrano (Shock), Michelle Anne de Mey (Charleroi-Danses), Vlaamse Opera House (Antwerp & Ghent), Cie. Jozef Trefeli “UP” (Switzerland), Cie HelKa with „LORE“ (Belgium), Cie. La Flux - Juha Marsalo & Caroline Savi (Paris), Carmelo Fernandez “International Film Festival GC” (Spain), Natalia Medina “Tag” & “Masdanza” (Spain),…

2014-2015 Rehearsal director and choreographer’s assistant in “Framed” at Sadler’s Wells / National Youth Dance Company (U.K.) & choreographer’s assistant (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui), Assistant for Cie. José Besprosvany ‘spejo’,

Choreographic research & creation: invited Guest Artist Boheme 2020 Musikfestspiele Dresden (Germany), “Tradytionall” at Tallinn University (Estonia); “Frauenfield 112” with Bachelor Students from Fontys Dance Academy [Rotterdam, Holland].

In 2016 he creates his first solo performance called (20YTU), which is premiered 31st of December in Teatro Victoria Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as part of the 15th anniversary of the festival “Canarios dentro y fuera”.

Moving and learning in Education
Early on -through breakdance and collaborations with social projects on Canary Islands- the potential of movement awoke his interest.

In Madrid he works in “Trasdanza”,a direct collaboration with several outstanding Spanish choreographers and more than 60 educational institutions (public & private schools, professional formation centers and institutions for handicapped people). From this moment, the movement exchange with people that don’t have a previous academic dance background consolidates as a strong point of interest.

He has shared his propositions on movement in classes, workshops as well as coaching, from amateur to professional, from dance companies to festivals and from dance schools to refugee camps. A few examples are: National Youth Dance Company (U.K.),Philadelphia University of the Arts, Royal Ballet School (Antwerp, Belgium), Tallinn University of Arts (Estonia), ARTESIS (B.A for Dance Education, Antwerp), Kunsthumaniora’s Wilrijk & Brussels (Secondary Public Education in Arts), Akram Khan Company (U.K), Ultima Vez Company (Belgium), RICTS Theatre Makers & Actors Department (Brussels, Danscentrumjette (Brussels), Tripspace (UK), IDW - International Dance Week Budapest (Hungary), Cultural Center’s as “Ter Dilft” (Bergem, Belgium), International Dance Contest “Out of the Box” (Antwerp, Belgium), Festival “Marco Zero” (Brasilia, Brazil), Company Jorge Garcia (Sao Paulo,Brazil), National Contemporary Dance Company of Paraguay (Asuncion), etc. Independently organised workshops in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Córdoba & Rosario), Chile (Concepcion & Santiago de Chile), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Paraguay (Asuncion], ...

The contents transmitted have been evolving throughout the last 10 years. In the last couple of years the approach has been moving away from a traditional “teacher” roll, to go into the direction of a more collaborative learning where every individual is responsable of what and how they learn and transmit to others. The imitation of the physical movement language of the “teacher” is not the main goal (no emphasis on reproduction of “phrases”), but rather a starting point for individual development in communication with other people moving in the space. The Technique under which the pedagogical contents are recently assembled is called “Frauenfeld Technique”, named after a Swiss-German City in Thurgau. A short descriptive of this “flipped dance” pproach could be described as followed: “The natural order of things gets a little twist. Movement study as a dynamic challenge to observe ourselves and others in different ways. Practice of physical communication to enhance performing arts as well as for non-professionals to work self-therapeutically through implicated observation of movement and patterns.”

Bastard Technique
(Simplified Reformulation of Frauenfeld Techniques I, II & III)
By Leif Firnhaber.

A synergie of 16 years of dance experiences is transformed into useful tools for those who want to make their own journey through a non-standardized movement approach.

Not FUBU dancers. FUBU movers.
Not comfort. Digging.
Not Body or Mind. Mindful bodies.
Not Bboy, but Cypher.
Not Graham, not new.
Not Flying Low, yes Zambrano.
Not Charleroi, just Danse.
Not Eastman, Just Puzzle.
Not phrase vs impro. Both.
Not the Technique. Your Technique.
Not acrobatic, but Acro- with the fingers and bat- with your practice.
Not individual, interdependent.
Not about showing without being.
Not looking down. Inside is out too.
Not about judging, just active observation.
Not about owning, but sharing.
NOT EITHER fun OR work.
Not about knowing the answer.
Det handler om at spille med spørgsmål.

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