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Susanne Linke

SUSANNE LINKE unifies the heritage of German pre-war Ausdruckstanz with contemporary German dance theater. She has had decisive influence on Germany’s choreographic landscape. She received her education from Mary Wigman in Berlin before studying at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. From 1970-1973 she was a dancer at the Folkwang Tanz Studio with the Artistic Director Pina Bausch. At the same time she developed her own first choreographic works.
Within a few years she attained international acclaim for her solos („ Im Bade wannen“, „Schritte verfolgen“, her Dore Hoyer reconstruction “Afectos humanos“, among others) and her group pieces. She was awarded numerous prizes for her choreographies and she toured internationally. Susanne Linke headed the Folkwang Tanz Studio until 1985. At the beginning of the 1990s she founded the “Company Susanne Linke” and created two works: „Ruhr-Ort" and „Märkische Landschaften". During this period she was an artist in residence at the Hebbel-Theater, Berlin. Together with her partner Urs Dietrich as a co-director, she created a new company at the Bremen Theater in 1994 and toured in Southeast Asia and Middle America.
In the years 2000-2001 Susanne Linke was a founding member of the Choreographisches Zentrum Essen and its designated Artistic Director.
Since 1985 she has continued to be active as an independent choreographer in Italy, Israel, with the Paris Opera, the Limón Dance Company New York, the Netherlands Dance Theater and many companies in Germany amongst others.