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Marielle Morales

Marielle Morales is formed in the Contempory Dance Conservatory of Bordeaux (first prize in 1996). After her graduation, she joins the Cie Provisional Danza in Madrid for 3 years and then worked in Barcelona with the Cies Sol Pico, Lapsus, Siamb Collective, Ziklo Efe.
She investigates improvisation and contact, bioenergetic, yoga, Body-Mind Centuring and Skinner Releasing. She performs in Belgian creations of Pierre Droulers, Fré Werbrouk, Thierry de Mey, Lise Vachon, Stefan Dreher and Michèle Noiret.
As a choreographer, she creates solos and group
performances since 2000.
In 2004, she founds her own company: Mala Hierba.
Marielle Morales teaches regularly in Belgium (La Raffinerie/Charleroi- Danses, DansCentrumJette, Studio Hybrid, RITS and trains NeedCompany and Michèle-Anne de Mey Company), in Spain (International Festival of Dance Contact of Barcelona, Festival Delt’Ebre), in France (Academies, Lullaby Danza Project, Université des Arts de Bordeaux, CDC of Toulouse), in Tunisia (Center Hamsa VI), in Netherlands ( Performing Art Shool of Arnhem), in Costa Rica (in High Academy El Barco).)T

In order to find the most complete availibility, the class always starts with a specifical exploration, mix of several tendencies like BMC or Skinner Releasing .
Then the link with physical work and movement appears and slides into FloorWork, where we discover natural ways to dance and « be danced ».
A special attention to the different qualities of movement, the energy and fluidity, playing with balance, gravity, supports and natural impulse supported by breath and dynamic.