July 2012

DCJ Newsletter July 2012

Happening now :

Jetsummer Danceweeks are halfway. We had three wonderful weeks with intense workshops with Lali Ayguade, Julyen Hamilton and Roxane Huilmand, a weekend workshop shiatsu, a lively workshop for kids, very interesting lectures, a nice performance of Ju lyen Hamilton & co, a successful first edition of the Dance Film Festival and a great party. This week, Erika Faccini is teaching for the amateurs, next week Petra Hrascanec and Julien Monty dive into ‘Meaning and practice’, and last but not least David Zambrano will focus on ‘Improvisation for performers’. 11 July and 18 July the teachers of the workshop give a lecture, a very nice way to get to know more about their work.

Coming up :

Daniel Linehan, who was selected for a residency in Danscentrumjette in February, will be ‘artiste associé’ in deSingel next season.

Our resident Bara Sigfusdottir received the good news that she will be supported by VGC for her project ‘On the other side of a sand dune’, that will have its premiere the last week of September, here in Danscentrumjette.

Last year’s resident Andros Zins-Browne will perform ‘The Host’ with Jaime Llopis-Segarra and Sidney Leoni in Mousonturm Frankfurt (DE) on June 21-23, in Palais des Spectacles St. Etienne (FR) on July 7 and in Drodesera Dro (IT) on July 24, 25.

Just happened:

David Hernandez was opening Dansand Festival for contemporary dance in Oostende on June 28 with the beautiful performance ‘Thirst’, danced by Colas Lucot and Stanislav Dobak, ith live music from Philippe Cap. David Hernandez was also presenting an in situ creation called ‘Unisono’ with PARTS students on July 1.

Marielle Morales was performing ‘Le Pli’ together with Antia Diaz at the D Festival in Theatre Marni on May 30 and June 1.

Raffaella Pollastrini was performing in ‘board on, on board’ of
 Kyung-a Ryu at Theatre Balsamine on May 
30 and June 2.

Resident Maya Dalinsky organized, together with Sonia Si Ahmed, ‘The Greater Ones’: one-to-one encounters between a performer and a spectator. These performances at Network (Aalst) in May were part of a larger project called The Greater, an ongoing investigation into the nature of power.

Marie Limet’s performance ‘Tout le monde ça n'existe pas’ was selected for the ‘Rencontres Jeune Public de Huy’. She found a new name for her company: ’La Peau de l'Autre’.