29 jun 19:30h danske 1
studio performances 29,30 june 1,2 july

DANSKE is a new Brussels platform
It offers the opportunity for young
professional dancers and experienced
to meet, research create and perform together

danske 1
studio performances

by choreographer Meytal Blanaru

with dancers
Alexandra Llorens, Anna Heuer
Hansen, Cary Shiu, Sarah Deppe,
Gabriela Cecena, Fran Martinez,
Rebecca Journo, Angela D. Quintela

29, 30 june 19h30
1,2 july 17h

website: danske.brussels

29 may 10:00h JETSUMMER
jetsummer. openhouse weekend. danske 1°

jetsummer danceweeks
29 may - 7 october
facebook JetsummerDCJ

20 years danscentrumjette
open house weekend
17 & 18 june

danske 1°
studio performances
28, 29, 30 june, 1 july

8 feb 18:00h DANSKE
8, 9, 10 February
You can apply by sending a CV and motivation letter to infodanscentrumjette@gmail.com before the 3th of February


11 feb 20h Type
11 & 12 feb. 20h

1070 Anderlecht/ Brussels


6 nov Type
Tutti Colori is a choreography of Roxane Huilmand created with the DCJ Group.
The dancers are Aline Combe, Lena Bagutti, Mario Branco and Viola Poggiali.

Tutti Colori
6 7 8 11 12 13 14 21 22 nov
daily 19.30
saturday 20.00
sunday 16.30

55, rue E. van Cauwenbergh
1080 Brussels
To book you can reach us by email tutticolori.dcj@gmail.com.
(limited places available)
entrance 10€

13 jun 19:00h Platform IV.15
For the next Platform in the 13th June see all the informatio here:


15 may Open Call dancefilmfestival
The open call for projects/films to the 4. international dancefilmfestival brussels 2015 are now open.

The festival takes place the 18th and 19th September 2015 in Cinematek and Danscentrumjette.

For more information send an email to: dancefilmfestivalbrussels@gmail.com and for the entry form go to this link:

25 apr 19:00h Platform III.15
PROGRAM Platform III.15

* "Dingen/Cosas/Things" - Karin Verbruggen (NL)
* “I don’t believe in half ways” - Judith Sanchez Ruiz (US/DE)
* “Looking for the face I had before the world was made” - Francesca Perrucci/GustavoMonteiro (IT/PT)
* “Sand” - Companyia AGITART (ES)
* “Träume sind Schäume” - Yun Ju Chen (TW/DE)
* “The manipulative mind” - Eden Wiseman (FR)

Platform is a space where creators, performers, dancers and choreographers are invited to present their work or work-in-progress.

In each session several pieces / performances will be presented. After the showings the bar is open and feedback is welcome.



>>> "Dingen/Cosas/Things"
In this work I will look at every day and not so every-day-like objects. Is a balloon animated when you blow air into it and release the air? How about dropping a piano from a scaffold? Boling water? I will experiment with objects, their relation to each other, themselves, a body in the space, several bodies in the space and their relation to the stage. I will find methods to transform experiments into stage-works. Keywords of the working-method are curiousity, experiment, fear, and desire. Instead of glorifying objects I will bring the bodies and beings on the same level. What if we treat them all the same? In this work objects, subjects; beings will be given the same importance and I will let them be. I will try my best to honour the being of all material on stage.

>>> "I don't believe in half ways"
non logical states of being. incoherence as a fragile powerful tool to refresh creatively. using chance as a diversity. you are more authentic the more you resemble what you’ve dreamed of being falling and standing up, crawling and running, jumping and getting up…. step by step….destroying the past as it ends, as it stays behind…
“ Isaac Newton's third law of motion really means: Everything is balanced. Everything physical (matter/energy) goes back and forth in balanced circles, cycles, or the equivalent. Birth-death, old-young, big-small, strong-weak, start-stop, up-down, rich-poor, beginning-end, fast-slow, hot-cold, pain-pleasure, win-lose, day-night, full-empty, high-low, in-out, success-failure, united-divided, give-receive, creation-destruction, on-off, positive-negative”

>>> Looking for the face I had before the world was made"
“Looking for the face I had before the world was made” it’s a journey through the labyrinth of the mind that embodies the balance between being and appearing. Who am I? This is a basic question that is common to all of us and it’s part of our instincts, but for which society has created stereotypes.
“Looking for the face I had before the world was made” is an emotional and touching performance that puts us in a state of attention and makes us question the world around us.

>>> "Sand"
With one hundred various stories, the intensely physical and abstract Sand invites the viewer to reflect and discover their own journey, as they follow the performers taking theirs. The piece speaks of two bodies through the stories of relationships, life and time. Everything is made up of the essence of the past, of the present and the future. Sand is liquid world where nothing lasts, where everything is sand, everything is dust.

>>> “Träume sind Schäume”
“Träume sind Schäume” is a German saying, means that dreams are foam. Dream, Anything could happen.
Sometimes the dream is so clear,
And in real life they are always links.
All is dream, do not have to believe.

>>> "The manipulative mind"
A site -specific work, created in the yellow submarine.
An installation simulates nervous system and expresses the artist's inner tangle. Using wire and lighting implement this idea.
The brain is an organ that routes and processes information. Neurons are nerve cells, the core component of the nervous system and the brain's most basic functional unit.
This project is about intricacy, our inner intricacy: the sheer numbers of thoughts and emotions that pass through us every fraction of a second. Then, there is the external intricacy; the burdens of the world that we live in, the social overload, the technology, the competition. The overload of stimuli and constant changes is difficult to contain.
Wire is a hard, rigid, threatening material. It creates a sense of boundary, of breach, of tension and coldness. Movement within the wires, like movement in our lives, forces us to adjust our borders, test our boundaries, maneuver the immovable, and soften what is solid.


14 dec 11:30h Christmas brunch

Christmas is the time for family!!!

So nothing better than get the Danscentrumjette family together for a
Sunday brunch.
In the last Sunday, before the Christmas vacations, the meeting point is at 11:30
for a matinée with music, painting, dance and a good brunch.


concert with sara defrise, géraldine clément and thomas waelbroeck

exposition of jean-maurice gillieaux

Children under 6yo - Free
Children 6-12yo - 5€
Adults - 15€

8 mar Brussels Event of Spider Expand!


20 & 21 sep festival
2. international dancefilmfestival brussels

l'art difficile de filmer la danse

friday 20 september

belgian dance films 1970 -1990 15.00

musique c'est la silence du pauvre / ferdinand schirren

asch anne teresa de keersmaeker/ wolfgang kolb

improvisation pierre droulers/ eric pauwels

muurwerk roxane huilmand/ wolfgang kolb

love sonnets michèle anne de mey/ thierry de mey

face à face michèle anne de mey/ eric pauwels

hoppla! anne teresa de keersmaeker/ wolfgang kolb

dinner 19.00

marat sade 21.00

saturday 21 september

recent dance films

documentaires 12.00

rain by olivia rochette and gerard- jan claes

un(usual) by jan knops, dieter deswarte, benjamin vandewalle

dance films 16.00

the films we didn't choose for the selection but we like to show

triptych by ana cembrero and jorge piquer,

at by davoud zare,

movimiento no.1 by david Gimeno,

event by timo wright,

temporal by olivia orozco,

working the choregraphic expectations by freya olafson,

kretir by shumpei nemoto,

words by isabella soupart,

film by sara bernardo,

waiting for a train by seth thompson.

dinner 18.00

festival selection 20.00

deja vu by davoud zare

la venganza de los hyperautomticos by groupe hyperautomaticas

harvest by Chaja Hertog and Nir Nadler

her children mourn by marta renzi
alma & ena by sue healey

il mio grido by vito alfarano

aquarium forest by yuuki takita

el jardin de las delicias by natalia ochoa

cairography by dalia naous and kinda hassan

agnus dei by reka szucs

party 22.00

entree free

dinner with reservation 15 €

info danscentrumjette@skynet.be

1 feb 19:30h
dance films of  wolfgang kolb

on the other side of a sand dune: bara sigfusdottir

singularity : armand van den hamer

forbidden territories : raffaella pollastrini & giovanni scarcella


28 sep 20:30h Performance
Festival IMPReVU

cie SomeBody

Julyen Hamilton with cie Allen's Line

Prices: Full price 8 euros reduction price 5 euros

26 sep 14:30h avant premiere Performance
Bara Sigfusdottir presents her solo "On the Other Side of a Sand Dune" in DCJ

29 jun 10:00h Dance Film Festival
L'art difficile de filmer la dance
Danscentrumjette offers a fine selection of dance films, curated by Stephanie Bodien and Wolfgang Kolb.

The festival takes place all day long, from 10 am till 10 pm, and is divided in 3 blocks:

films about the making of dance, recent dance films and more historical dance films.

Entrance is 50€, including breakfast and lunch. Please make a reservation by email to info@danscentrumjette.be

29 jun 22:00h Party
the yearly Jetsummer Ball

22 jun 20:00h Performance Boarderland
For 'Boarderland' Julyen Hamilton will perform together with poet Billie Hanne and painter Catherine Jauniaux.

Julyen Hamilton is a choreographer, poet and well known teacher. Born and trained in London in the seventies,

a time of radical experimentation, he has been an exponent of innovative performance since that time.

He has been making dance for over 35 years, performing throughout the world.

His work is mostly improvised: he composes dance pieces instantly as well as the texts which often accompany them.

BILLIE HANNE live text / movement

CATHERINE JAUNIAUX voice / movement / painting

JULYEN HAMILTON movement / music / text

25 may 19:30h Platform
Showing of the evening classes

Natalia Pieczuro - Mountains made of steam (work in progress)

Paola Madrid - A rose full of gardens (work in progress)

Corentin Delpierre - Rhyme

performed by François Urbany, Celia Crahay, Antoine Dutrieux & Sabine Cmelniski

Maria Kamberi - Now you can see me. Do you want to?

performed by Harry Koushos

NorthFace & Michael Lazic - [No title]

performed by Silke Muys & Gabriela Ceceña

Harry Koushos - Could be anyone

performed by Emi Korfia

17 may 14:00h Open House
For the first time 24 Brussels based artistic laboratories and alternative management offices have joined together to show their practices and research in an Open House event, dedicated to both public and professionals.
Focusing rather on artistic research processes than on final products, these structures provide national and international artists with time, space and tools to develop their works. With Open House these multi-disciplinary organizations take the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and show once again that Brussels is more than ever a creative and dynamic artists’ city.

30 mar 19:30h Platform
Laverita Dance Company - Zero

"It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate."

The above quotation by Henry David Thoreau, triggered La Verita Dance Company

to create its recent production from Greek Mythology and specifically the myth of Narcissus.

This myth that takes us back into the past, brings us even closer to our present time.

Laura Zuallaert - The uplands (movie)

In Handsworth, an inner city area of Birmingham, lies one of Europe’s

largest allotment gardens. Birmingham’s industry flourished during the 18th and 19thcentury

and the gardens were an important source of food and additional income

for factory workers and their families. Nowadays, the uplands of Birmingham are

a place of relaxation and small-scale cultivation, a centuries-old green
landscape where people get down to earth.

24 feb 19:30h Platform
PROJECT R - Or & Oran Dance Theatre Company
Or Marin, Israeli choreographer, filmed four foreign dancers in Brussels. With this material they researched in a physical way the various feelings accompanying voluntary immigrant artists. The footage screened on TV creates a different layer of the relationship, different realities in real time.

EMERGENCES - an experimental choreographic film by Shantala Pèpe.
Emergences is a poetic visual essay crossing genres between body work , light and music exploring dreaming state.

28 jan 19:00h Platform
Sten Rudstrøm - Improvisation #68
Nicanor de Elia & Sabina Scarlat - Little red riding hood

26 jan 14:00h DCJ on Tour
Platform is a compilation of short, dynamic and fresh pieces that offers you a wide range of styles in contemporary dance. The selected artists and performers with different backgrounds are all connected to Danscentrumjette. With the new concept DCJ on Tour we want to give renowned as well as young artists more possibilities to present their work to a different public by collaborating with theatres and cultural centers. They can choose performances from the catalogue and with every partner we will look for the best formula, regarding their wishes and demands. CC Strombeek opted for the following artists:

Natalia Pieczuro - The inside out
This solo is as a book written by movement and gesture. Through her strong physical presence she overcomes her disability to see.

Maya Dalinsky - All I need is here
Everything one needs in order to create a dance is available in the present moment: a body, a space, and the potential for communication. Maya unifies these elements to create a unique portrait of individual consciousness.

Roxane Ruilmand – Trio
A dance by three young women, Silke Muys, Celia Crahay and Pauline Rigot-Müller, in a blink of an eye.

Peter Jasko - solo
“One day I closed my eyes and saw a land. Land of power, rhythms, motions and sentiments….” .
Playful, powerful, personal and physical, Peter Jasko’s dancing embraces a wide range of possibilities, while breaking through categories.

After the performances we officially present the DCJ on Tour catalogue.

Where? CC Strombeek, Gemeenteplein 1, Strombeek

Tickets: Free entrance. Make a reservation via info@danscentrumjette.be

12 jan 20:30h DCJ on Tour
Louise Vanneste's solo Home and Marielle Morales' duet Le Pli plus a video installation made by Boglarka Borcsok and Yukihiro Taguchi at CC Strombeek.

11 jan 20:30h Film Screening
Muurwerk (choreography Roxane Huilmand, video Wolfgang Kolb) and compilation dvd of creations by DCJ residents 2010/11 at CC Strombeek.


2 dec 20:00h Thirst
A new short-form choreography by David Hernandez and collaborators. A duo for Stanislav Dobak and Colas Lucot, ‘Thirst’ is a short story told in movement that explores basic instinctive human need - how does a body move when it wants or needs something, when it is driven by something besides a thought process? The choreographic language moves from something inside and is influenced by external forces. We weave a story of two characters driven by their involuntary desire, told in a language of movement.

Premiere 2/12 at 8 p.m. and 3/12 at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., Danscentrumjette, Brussels

28 oct 19:30h Platform
Singularity by Armand van den Hamer (work in progress)
Asparragos by Laura Zuallaert (short film)

16 sep 19:30h Toonmoment
Always Known Never Met departs from the dialogue between a mother and her unborn child. The book ‘Letter to a child never born’ by Oriana Fallaci is the inspiration. Dancer Katerina Dietzova and actor David Eeles enter the dialogue and surf between conscious and unconscious movements, inhibited and spoken words, visible sounds and intimate images. Through the camera the live video images reveal themselves as an extension of the players Always known Never Met is a search for the assertion of the individual.

Concept: Giulia Mureddu
Elaboration: Giulia Mureddu in collaboration with performers Katerina Dietzova & David Eeles

24 jun 19:30h Platform
with Maya Dalinsky, Jozefien Beckers & Charlotte Istasse

27 may 19:00h Platform
Jenny Rombai & Colin Jolet, Stéphanie Mouton & Hazel Carrie, Boglarka Borcsok & Yukihuro Taguchi

25 mar 19:30h Platform
Antia Diaz & Marielle Morales - Le PLI and Or Marin - White work in progress

25 feb 19:30h Platform
MFA / Hollins University group + Dries Gijsels (Rits)

11 feb 17:00h Toonmoment projectweek Rits
De makers en spelers van Rits/Erasmushogeschool Brussel

28 jan 19:30h Platform
Sten Rudstrøm Improvisation # 68

A solo improvisation performance using movement,
sound and language.


25 jun platform
last friday of the month presentation

19 jun dance performance
"The Immaterial World" by Julyen Hamilton

9, 10 and 11 jun dance performance
"The Voyage" by Allen's Line

28 may platform
last friday of the month presentation

30 apr platform
last friday of the month presentation

26 mar platform
last friday of the month presentation

6 mar bal masque

26 feb platform
last friday of the month presentation


17 oct 20h try-out
Solo Creation, Louise Vanneste

4 oct BRXL BRAVO / balalacour.be
DCJ and Met-x
Jubelpark / Cinquantenaire

3 oct 15h BRXL BRAVO / balalacour
DCJ and Met-x

2 oct 18h toonmoment
Les Slovaks

24 sep 20h open rehearsal
Les Slovaks

5 may platform
Last Friday of the month presentation

27 mar platform
Last Friday of the month presentation

30 jan platform
Last Friday of the month presentation

27 jan platform
Last Friday of the month presentation


21 nov JetHerfst festival
Performances of DCJ residents 07/08.

20 jun all night dance marathon
"The Bed" by angela praed with louis taylor and robert mennear

0 apr toonmoment
werkplaats olv david poznanter

21 mar 19h toonmoment
werkplaats david hernandez and michel debrulle

1 mar toonmoment
werplaats caroline d'haese and jasper jelen

16 feb 16h fantasmagoria
bal masque

19 jan 10h aikido demonstration
demonstration with japanese buffet

18 jan 15h toonmoment
project rits/danscentrumjette


30 nov and 1 dec try out
roger vinas lopez & cie

23 nov toonmoment
werkplaats brune campos and fred roland

15 oct exhibition
daniel lehman

28 sep toonmoment
werkplaats osteorock and cie

15 jul introduction evening
workshop introduction anton achky and eleonore valere

14 jul jetsummer night
JS Night party

4 jul filmvertoning
"Look at the moon" by wolfgang kolb

1 jul dance performance
"Fall" by les pespis

24 jun introduction evening
workshop introduction david hernandez and michel debrulle

22 jun dance performance
"Fuga" by dominique duszynski

17 jun filmvertoning
"Thierry Bae a disparu" by thierry bae

15 jun dance performance
julyen hamilton and willbert de joode

7 jun introduction evening
workshop introduction julyen hamilton

30 may tango concert
DCJ formation: marie limet, laura zuallart, brune campos, karen de bliek, eleonora giminez, carmen cruz, arnaud degimbe

1 apr try out
"voetenvliegen" by fabuleus

barbagal: children dance and live music by sonia gharbi; capricieuse aix 89: a movie by wolfgang kolb; exercycle: dance by arnaud degimbe; trio: choreography by roger vinas lopez; work in progress: dance by les slovaks; duo: dance by simon thierree and elodie donaque; breakdance: dance by ben fury and co

23, 24 and 25 feb toonmoment
werkplaats theodossia sthati and femke gyselinck

10 feb 16h pirates and the sea
bal masque

20 jan aikido demonstration
demonstration with buffet

18 jan toonmoment
project rits/danscentrumjette